• " Simple Instructions to Drywall " By Mark Orvik


    " Simple Instructions To Drywall "

    By Mark Orvik

    Designed for the Handyman, Homeowners and Beginners

    Learn how to: Hang sheetrock, Do Taping, Troweling Techniques, Texture Ceilings (Knockdown Style) and A better way to do sanding.

    This is a 4-Disc. DVD Set , almost 3 hours of easy to follow step by step instructions


    "Mark demonstrates modifications to reduce stress on joints, especially for the back and shoulders. He explains proper tool usage and provides thorough demonstrations. He explains the reasons behind the modifications.


    I would recommend watching this DVD before beginning your project, so you can learns from Mark’s years of experience." 


    -Cheryl Woullet, OTR/L,CHT

    University of Minnesota Twin Cities. Graduated 1997. 


    Occupational Therapist


    Certified Hand Therapist 10-4-2011


    "I got the DVD so I could sheet rock my garage on my own. These were the best step by step instruction and tips I have ever gotten. Mark shows you in away that you can understand and makes sure you don't cut corners so the job is done right the first time. This was my first try at doing full walls and finish my garage. It turned out great and now with the help of this DVD I feel very confident that I can sheet rock my own basement. I give this A+"

    -Tanner Mayer